Sending a clutch to us

Everything you need to know about sending your clutch to Direct Clutch Services. When sending a clutch to us:

– Be sure to print and complete the ‘Sending a Clutch to Us Form’ and then include it in your package
– Be sure the unit is clean = )
– Be sure to send the clutch including the flywheel and throw out bearing.
– We strongly suggest to bolt the clutch snuggly to the flywheel to minimise the chance of parts damaging each other in transit.

Thanks! The Direct Clutch Services Team

Include a copy of the ‘Sending a Clutch to us’ Form

Be sure to include the Sending a Clutch to Us form with all details completed – inside the box.
– On the letter include your name and or your preferred name on your invoice
– Your company name (if applicable)
– Your return delivery address or preferably a business address (where someone can sign for the item)
– Your phone number so we can contact you, should the shipping company need to reach you.
– Your email address so we can contact you and send shipping details
– Your vehicle details , make , model , series , build date month and year, engine code , HP / KW , Gearbox type and rego number if applicable
– Expected maximum horsepower or kilowatts

Describe the type of use for your vehicle

Very importantly, we need to know the type of use your vehicle will see, i.e. if a competition car of any type, we need to know what type of use it will see in as much detail as you can. Often the clutch is worked the hardest in the competition use, even if its a competition day once per year, we need to set the clutch up for this.

Sending a Clutch to Us – Print & Send with Clutch

Please be sure to fill out all fields in the “Sending a Clutch to Us” form – which includes all of the above information we need when you send us a clutch. Thank you!