HD & HT Cushion Ceramic

The Direct Clutch Services Cushion Ceramic clutch kit, is regarded as the ultimate in most modified performance street applications..

Providing excellent drive-ability with smooth organic like feel, with its sprung hub for reduced noise and wafer spring design.. The wafer spring providing progressive resistance as the clutch engages..though still providing the consistency and high heat resistance we have have come to expect from ceramic clutch material..

In most cases we can combine this disc with several levels of HD & HT pressure plates.


Pictured above is the Cushion Ceramic clutch disc. Offering excellent street manners with its wafer spring design. The thin curved shaped wafer spring can be seen in this image between the front and rear side of the plate. The purpose of the wafer spring is to offer resistance as the pressure plate clamps the disc.. This offers progressive take up / engagement, yet offering greater heat resistance over an organic plate.