HD & HT Ceramic Sprung Button

The Direct Clutch Services Heavy Duty Sprung Button clutch kit series, has all the advantages of the Heavy Duty / High Torque Organic clutch kit, with the added advantage of button/ceramic plates. The ceramic/button plates offer a more positive engagement over organic with added heat resistance, while being completely serviceable in a range of compounds and thicknesses.

Sprung Button plates are available 3,4,5,6 or multi plate pucks, depending on diameter and your requirements.

The Direct Clutch Services Heavy Duty Sprung Button series is recommended in all higher Hp or aggressive driving applications. Our Heavy Duty sprung button series clutch kits do see positive engagement, therefore it is generally not recommended for vehicles seeing daily street driving… though the sprung hub does offer some noise dampening when compared to that of a solid hub.

In most cases this unit is available with several levels of HD pressure plates.

The HD & HT Sprung Button series of clutch is NOT recommended for any drifting or power skids. In any ceramic clutch , the weakest part of the system is the sprung hub.

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