General Clutch Fitting Advice

  • Thoroughly clean block face (and sandwich plate if fitted)
  • Fit the flywheel and torque the crank to flywheel bolts to factory specifications
  • If the specs are not available the ARP Bolt Torque Guide (see below) can be used as a guide.
  • Fit new spigot bearing
  • Clean flywheel face and the pressure plate casting face with brake cleaner or similar solvent type. Do Not use degreaser! This will leave an oily residue and contaminate the clutch disc
  • Remove clutch fork, check for wear, clean and re-grease behind fork and on pivot ball
  • Check for marking on clutch disc for correct orientation ie T/M side means transmission side , F/W means flywheel side
  • Only use spline grease provided in your kit. Use this sparingly (ie less is best)
  • DO NOT touch the surfaces of the clutch disc(s) or flywheel or pressure plate surface with dirty hands
  • Fit clutch using correct aligning tool supplied,
  • Tighten pressure plate bolts to factory specifications, some blue loctite can be applied to the threads if this information isn’t available. The table above can be used as a guide.
  • Make sure that the transmission is properly supported when fitting.
  • Clutch discs MUST be treated with care as they are easily bent .. DO NOT force gearbox onto the engine or hang gear box off the clutch.
  • Use the throw out bearing supplied only (check throw out bearing against the old bearing that the fork to face distance is the same. If not – please Contact Us
  • DO NOT pull the gearbox up to the engine with the bell housing bolts. If there is a gap , this usually indicates there is an alignment or height issue
  • When bleeding the clutch, evacuate dirty or contaminated clutch fluid and always use new fluid.
  • Adjustment of the clutch will be required at the clutch pedal under the dash.
  • We always like to see a take up / engagement point to be within 40mm of the floor. This ensures there is 50-75mm of free travel of free play on the pedal
  • Periodically re check the free travel and adjust to maintain the 50mm minimum free travel.. Remember a clutch will use up free travel as it wears!
(Ft. / Lbs)
Grease supplied in ARP sets is to be used under the bolt heads only.
Some mild thread locker is recommended for threads.
Always fasten bolts in diagonal sequence.
Always fasten in 3-4 stages to the recommended torque.