Flywheel and Pressure Plate Bolts

At Direct Clutch Services we stock a large range of grade 12.9 , metric and imperial bolts used in clutch flywheels and pressure plates.

We also stock common ARP bolt sets.

Note: the lubricant supplied with some ARP bolts is to be used under the bolt head only. Thread locker can be used on the threads.

Special note: Many of the older flywheels do not run modern style dowels. Instead these units required a bolt with a specific shank .

Failing to run these correct shank bolts, not only can cause an imbalance with the clutch, but can also see the clutch cover able to move off centre. VERY DANGEROUS!

Direct Clutch Services Team

Photo 1 – Shanked hole can be seen


Photo 2 – The specific shanked bolt for this application

Shanked hole for flywheel bolt and specific flywheel bolt for this application

Shanked Bolt sets available

  • Chev V8 early – FW to crank bolt sets
  • Chev V8 early pressure plate to flwheel (shanked)
  • Ford V8 early – FW to crank bolt sets
  • Ford V8 early pressure plate to flwheel (shanked)
  • Ford 4.0 all flywheel to crank
  • Ford Pinto flywheel to crank
  • Holden / Chev LS Series engine crank to flywheel
  • Holden / Chev pressure plate to Flywheel
  • Mitsubishi Evo 1 – 10 Flywheel to crank
  • Nissan RB Flywheel to crank
  • Nissan SR 13 and S14 only flywheel to crank
  • Subaru WRX Flywheel to crank
  • Toyota 1J /2J flywheel to crank
  • Toyota 3SGTE Flywheel to crank
  • Toyota 3SGTE Flywheel to crank
  • Toyota 4AGE flywheel to crank
  • Toyota 22R Flywheel to crank

ARP Bolt Torque Guide

(Ft. / Lbs)
Grease supplied in ARP sets is to be used under the bolt heads only.
Some mild thread locker is recommended for threads.
Always fasten bolts in diagonal sequence.
Always fasten in 3-4 stages to the recommended torque.

Mazda Rotary Bolts

We also carry the genuine Mazda Rotary specific bolts.

Genuine Mazda rotary M8 x 1.0mm grade 10 bolt set for all NON turbo 215mm pressure plates:

Important note:

All Mazda Rotary 8.5 – 215mm pressure plates require 2 shanked bolts as this era unit does not run modern type dowels.

Instead precise location of the pressure plate is made by the shanked area of bolt, locating into a non threaded area of 2 bolt holes in the flywheel only.

Failing to run shanked bolts may result in clutch failure, damage to vehicle or injury!

Also available with M8 Safety washers.

Recommended torque setting of 22nm.

Genuine Mazda rotary flywheel to counter-weight bolt set.
Built-in washer header and shank for perfect fittment.

Flywheels require a 10.2mm hole to fit these genuine bolts.

Recommended torque setting of 75nm. A small amount of blue loctite can be fitted to threads

Safety washers in M6, M8, M10 and M12

To compliment the above, we also stock and supply safety washers in M6 M8 M10 and M12