All clutches require a run in / bed in period. Failing to see a run in / bed in period, may see the clutch flair / slip / overheat / resulting in damage to your the clutch and dramatically reducing its life.

In most cases we ask there to be 1000km of normal stop start driving, prior to any full power / high load type use.

We appreciate that this isn’t always possible, especially in the case of a competition only or non registered vehicles. In these cases we suggest, forward and reverse take offs (just off engine idle rpm) in a car park area or similar for 3 x 5 minute sessions, while allowing the clutch to cool between sessions for 15mins as we do not want to overheat the new clutch!.

After run in, be mindful of clutch flares (engine may over power the not fully bed in clutch and see RPM flares). This can overheat and rapidly damage the clutch

Always re- adjust the free play of the clutch pedal after run in period.

Always aim to have the take up / engagement point of the clutch at less than 40mm off the floor. This ensures there is always free travel at the top of pedal and the throw out bearing is not pre loading the clutch diaphragm fingers.

Contact us anytime for any further information or clarification of the above.