Conisidered to be the big daddy if the Direct Clutch Services billet range, the 9″ with its 40% increase surface area over the proven 8″ , the 9″ is considered the ultimate performance in the 1100-2000hp range

Billet 9″ – Single / Twin / Triple Clutch Kits

Like the 8″, the 9″ billet system can be customised to suit many larger engine and gearbox combination, utilizing a custom billet steel or aluminium flywheel. Being available in single, twin and triple plate configurations, the 8” unit can be tailored to your exact needs with a large range of friction materials, compounds, button arrangements, clamp ratings from 1500 – 4000lbs and so on. Made from the highest grade materials which are Australia, japan or USA sourced.

Supplied as a clutch and flywheel assembly the Direct Clutch Services 8″ billet system has proven to be a durable unit, in all rigorous applications and is usually an economical unit to rebuild when required.

All of the Direct Clutch Services billet single twin and triple plate units can be made to a specific target (assembly) weight. We are happy to advise / assist with this , but generallly speaking , we suggest light weight for any constant high RPM application ie circuit , speedway , marine applications. We generally suggest the heavier the better for any street , drift , drag , and all 4×4. In recent times we have seen success in drag racing with the heavier (clutch and flywheel) assembly options. We have also seen gains in drifting with heavier flwheels being used. This generally sees the ability to turn the tyres at lower rpm clutch kicks as the engine is less likely to stall. We also see the heavier flywheel acting as a large(r) heat sink and allowing more heat to be absorbed into the flywheel before, thus intiially taking heat away from the clutch. We have common assembly weights on file for most applications.

The Direct Clutch Services 9″ billet twin plate clutch & flywheel assembly is the most frequently sold of all our billet clutch systems. Available most commonly in 3 series.. This being street, competition and sintered series.

9 inch Billet Twin Plate Series

The street series is often sold with full face ceramic discs or 1 organic disc or 1 cushion ceramic disc and lower clamping force for smoother engagement and lighter pedal .

The competition series usually offered with a pair of cramic discs and moderate clamp

Sintered iron series is for all out performance and a far greater range of heat capacity.. The sintered iron clutch discs can withstand higher temps when compared to other clutch disc optiions . Available in various compounds and clamp settings rated in 9″ to 2000hp and fine for use in cars with anti lag launch control and inline restrictors

Build time:
With components on hand to build to one several dozen popular combinations. Usual build time of 24hrs from time of order.

Additional information – 9 inch billet clutch kits

All Direct Clutch Services 9″ billet single , twin and triple plate units utilize solid / unspring cluch hubs. This is done for 2 reasons. The unsprung disc is lighter allowing for faster shifts. The second is a sprung hub is usually a weak link in the system.

In a back to back comparison, the spung hub only offers dampening to sound and offers very little in drive feel other than just reduction in engine / geabox feedback / noise , contrary to common opinion in the automotive world.

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