7.25" inch billet racing clutch built by Direct Clutch Services In Brisbane

Billet 7.25 ” Clutch
Single, Twin and Triple

The Direct Clutch Services range of Single, Twin and Triple 7.25” billet clutches are aimed for race only type use.

With its low net weight, it suits applications such as time attack, circuit racing (with non standing starts) and speedway applications that require lowest rotating mass and not requiring a clutch with large heat capacity due to the rolling start nature of use.

The Direct Clutch Services 7.25” unit is flexible in its design, able to be made to suit virtually most engine and or gearbox combinations.

We offer the 7.25” units in Single, Twin and Triple plate configurations in a range of clamping force from 1100lbs to 4000lbs, range of splines, clutch discs of either 2.75mm or up to 6mm thickness.

Direct Clutch Services has the capacity to manufacture flywheels in billet steel or aluminium with steel insert, to suit the 7.25 clutch in Single, Twin or Triple disc.

Generally speaking we would see a Direct Clutch Services 7.25” unit used behind NA Rotary, or NA Honda, Toyota 4AGE circuit – speedway rolling start type of use up to 250 hp etc.

A 7.25” Twin we see for use in a 13B turbo or 20B Na, Any Na 6Cyl or turbo 6cyl, NA v8 – circuit – speedway or rolling start type of use up to 600hp

This clutch is not recommended for street use.
Definitely not recommended for any drifting or burnout type of use.

Direct Clutch Services Team

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