Top Panel

This panel contains four module positions: panel1, panel2, panel3 and panel4. If none of these have published modules, the panel will be hidden.

You have control over the panel settings. You can change panel's height (currently 250px), width (100%), background color and panel's button text (open/close).


DCS 61 Honda 26x24


Aligning tool - HONDA 26 X 24mm spline -

Avoid costly clutch miss alignment

Part no : DCS 61  26mm x 24 spline



Civic EJ VTiR 99 on

Civic ej vtir 99 on

Civic EK VTiR 1.6ltr B16A B16B 200mm Disc

Civic ek vtir 1.6ltr b16a b16b 200mm disc


CRX EG 1.6 ltr DOHC VTEC B16A2

Crx eg 1.6 ltr dohc vtec b16a2



Crv all


Integra da9 1.8ltr dohc efi b16a 92 on

Integra d88 1.8ltr dohc efi b18c 7/93 on

Integra dc5 2.0 ltr vtec k20a 5 speed

Integra dc5 2.0ltr vtec type r 6 speed


Prelude BA 2.2Ltr, f22a 247mm bolt pcd 12/91 96

Prelude BA 2.2Ltr f22a 254mm bolt pcd 12/91 - 94

Prelude BB 2.3Ltr h23a dohc 254mm bolt pcd 12/91-94

Prelude S 2.2Ltr 16V sohc f22a 254mm 94-on

Prelude Si 2.3ltr , 16V dohc, h23a 254mm Bolt pcd 94-ON

Prelude VTiR 2.2Ltr 16V dohc vtec h22a 254mm pcd 94- on


S2000 all