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Mazda Rx7 FD to FC


Shown here in this image is the Direct Clutch rx7 FD to FC bell housing adaptor plate. This unit has two main purposes

-Allows an FD Rx7 (s6-s7-s8) gear box to then fit in place of any Rx7 Series 5 gear box.
Note 1: Standard series 5 extension housing is also required in the conversion. This is a straight swap from the Series 5 to FD Gear Box
Note 2: The FD gear box is 18mm longer than stock series 5 Gear Box. The gear box mount and tail shaft fittment must cater for this 18mm
Note 3: This adaptor plate can be used on a Series 4 (8 bolt) bell housing. Though a Series 4 Extention housing cannot be used on the FD gear box

-The fitment of a push type clutch into your FD rx7.
Push Type clutches are available in greater range are often cheaper when compared to that of an equivalent Pull Type Unit.
Note: FC Turbo Starter Motor, FC turbo clutch slave cylinder, FC turbo hydraulic line, FC turbo throw out bearing & FC turbo clutch fork is also required.